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The tickets will go to season-ticket holders who opted in over the summer. At the time, Packers president Mark Murphy said more than 80% of season-ticket holders had opted out. The Packers have two season-ticket packages -- one for those who had tickets to games in Milwaukee when the Packers played selected games there until the mid-1990s, and another for Green Bay ticket holders -- and are sold out on a season-ticket basis. They also have more than 100,000 people on the season-ticket waiting list.Washington Football Team Face Masks

Houston certainly isn’t going to give their Pro Bowl signal-caller away for free. Their front office understands the value of a franchise quarterback in his prime. Any deal that successfully convinces the Texans to part with their most valuable asset is going to require a ton of draft capital to head in the opposite direction.

Regardless, there was no clear reason to think that the Eagles would try to lose the game. The Vikings could have (should have) laid down against the Lions. The 49ers could have laid down against the Seahawks (the 49ers lost anyway). Although it makes sense to take a loss in a meaningless game in order to get a higher draft pick, teams usually don’t do it.

In one respect, Gase got a raw deal. This isn't to defend his performance -- his record stinks, no matter which way you smell it -- but he was given an expansion-level roster by Douglas, who cashed out on the season when he traded Adams in July.San Francisco 49ers Face Masks

Cornerback Joe Haden, who will sit out on Sunday because of COVID-19 protocols, has a cap hit of more than $15 million. Roethlisberger's is $41.25 million. Though restructuring could ease some of the pain, it can't stem all of it.NFL Face Coverings Sales


''We've got to match that and intensify that to a whole other level,'' he added.

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But if New England went without a first-round pick for the next four to five years, it would be leaving Watson unsupported during his peak. And we’ve seen how bad an offense can be when a quarterback goes unsupported, in part because a few years of first-round picks haven’t panned out (Sony Michel, N’Keal Harry, Isaiah Wynn (injuries)). Look no further than the Patriots in 2019 and 2020. Quarterback is the most important part of New England’s rebuild. But it’s very far from the only position that needs an influx of young talent.Indianapolis Colts Face Masks

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